Sunday, 2 October 2011

Long time no post!!!!

It's been a long time since my last post! Not that it's an excuse, but I have been super busy working at Sephora at Market Mall as one of their makeup artists, and still doing freelance work on the side! Some exciting tidbits about what I've been up to: Several photoshoots with George at Sinfilter Studios, working on the Fall banner for and doing some of the calendar girls for the upcoming CJAY 92 Charity calendar.

Below I have included some of my favorite shots from my shoot with Sinfilter Studios and model Jessy T. **Warning - some of these shots may be a little too risque for perusal at work!

George had some fun photo-shopping the photos for an ethereal look, but the overall look of the shoot was a very beautiful makeup so we could showcase her phoenix tattoo.

I had an amazing time working with everyone in this shoot, and I promise to update more often with more makeup looks that I have been working on! Don't forget to follow my page on Facebook Makeup by Jo!

Jordan Jeffrey is a Canadian makeup artist who believes everything that can be conceived of can be created. She can be contacted at or

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