Wednesday, 27 July 2011

IMATS: Part Two!

On the second day of IMATS there was so much going on that I need to break it into two posts! This first part will focus on the Student Competition Character/Prosthetic Category! Only one student from Blanche MacDonald made it into the final round, and she ended up placing second!
Congratulations Candice! 2nd Place!

The other competitors were all from the Vancouver Film School, and I tried to get photos of their works as well! This next character was by Leah Wilburn who won first place.

Unfortunately it was really hard to get good photos, so some of them are from the large screen that focused on the competitors. But you can still see the amazing work done! This next one didn't place, but reminded me of The Gentlemen from Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

This year's theme was "Mythical Creatures" and required all competitors to apply foam-latex prosthetic appliances. The competition was judged by Makeup Artist Magazine Editor Michael Key, and had a guest judge Steve Johnson, who gave a seminar on IMATS Day One on his career as a special effects makeup artist.

I had a really hard time getting good pictures of all the competitors, so I urge you to check out Candice's blog here, where she has several entries on the competition!

Coming soon: The Makeup Museum, MastersFX, and District 9!

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