Thursday, 16 June 2011

Bedroom Beauty

Another series of photos from my fabulous shoot with Sam Green at Samantha Green Photography. These ones feature a softer side of beauty, emulating the romanticism of Boudoir Photography. My very beautiful model is fellow makeup artist Katianne Marsh, whose own work can be found here.

I used soft corals and brown on her eyes, with my favorite liquid eyeliner. The highlighter I used this time was Benefit's Girl Meets Pearl, which gives a beautiful soft golden glow on the cheekbones. For blush I used NARS' Orgasm, and I kept the lips soft with a lovely Benefit lipgloss.

What we wanted to achieve with these shots was a natural beauty that reminds you of that just woken up look. Of course, we all wish we could wake up looking this good! Talia Murchie pinned up Katie's hair into retro pin-curls to keep with our pinup theme, but with a soft modern twist.

We threw down a black furry blanket for Katie to pose on, to complete the romantic feel. I definitely want to expand into Boudoir Photography makeup more, because I love the idea of capturing that moment when a woman feels as though she can take on the world.

Jordan Jeffrey is a Canadian makeup artist who believes everything that can be conceived of can be created. She can be contacted at or

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Amped Up Attitude

Presenting another series of shots from the photo shoot I did with Sam Green over at Samantha Green photography! This one features one of my favorite models, Sydney Nelson, who also happens to be an incredibly talented makeup artist. This is the second look I did on her today, and I took inspiration from the designer of the fabulous shirt she is wearing: Betsey Johnson.

You go Syd!
I made sure to capture the attitude in the design, carrying some of the colors of the shirt up into the makeup. Particularly for the eye makeup, I blended a few colors in a large shadow palette I have to imitate the lime-green with yellow undertones. Sydney vamped it up with some fabulous high heels and a feathered fan! First rule of thumb when it comes to taking photos of your makeup: When the model is enjoying herself during a shoot, it shows!

The lips and lashes were taken from the Marilyn image on the shirt - dramatic and bold! The lipstick was a deliciously bright fuschia pink from Elizabeth Arden cosmetics. I topped them off with a sparkle gloss from Too-Faced cosmetics, which gives a solid shine of sparkle right across the lips. As far as I'm concerned, anything related to Betsey should sparkle!


And don't forget to always bring the attitude! This is only look number two from the Pin Up shoot with Samantha Green! Keep checking back to see more of the gorgeous looks featuring makeup by Jordan Jeffrey, Hair by Talia Murchie, and Photography by Sam Green.

Jordan Jeffrey is a Canadian makeup artist who believes everything that can be conceived of can be created. She can be contacted at or

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Morgan le Fay

In one month I will officially be done school! And part of the excitement at nearly being done by education at Blanche MacDonald is due to the fact that we got to try our hands at prosthetic work. A lot of work is involved in each of those prosthetic pieces used for films and photoshoots, and I have a new appreciation for the hard working makeup artists in those prosthetics labs.

For my prosthetic final, I chose a fairly simple prosthetic piece, that I sculpted and molded myself! From start to finish this piece was all mine. It is a gelatin prosthetic in the shape of Odin's rune of Illusion, creating the effect of a subdermal implant.

My character is Morgan le Fay, from Arthurian legend. I took a few liberties with the character, but I kept some of the basics. Here she is a sorceress seeking revenge against the kingdom that killed her unborn child. She sought out the druids to learn powerful magicks to realize her vengeance, and painted their symbols on her body - and on the skull of her stilborn son.

Not a happy story, but I am in love with the final look! I sculpted the skull myself out of Model Magic, and used Kryolan Body Paints on her body for the symbols. I was so luck to have the amazing Miki as my model for this look, and she brought my vision to life. Check out her model mayhem page for more of her modeling talents here.

I kept the makeup dark and sexy, with slightly wild elements. I used my trusty NARS Copacobana as a highlighter on her cheeckbones, and used NARS shadows in China Blue and Pandora on her eyes. To finish off the look I draped her in fake fur fabric I got from the amazing store Dressew, which can be found in downtown Vancouver.

New goal: to find some more ways to work prosthetics and special effects into glamour makeup! Keep coming back to see what else I've been up to!

Jordan Jeffrey is a Canadian makeup artist who believes everything that can be conceived of can be created. She can be contacted at or