Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Fantasy Flowers

Creating fantastic works of art on the human body is probably my favorite part of being a makeup artist. With the help of Sam Green of Samantha Green photography I had the opportunity to work on two beautiful fantasy looks, one of which I decided to focus on in this post.

For this particular theme, I focused mostly on my beautiful model's face and used one of my favorite colors: PINK! I chose roses for this look because I have always associated fresh flowers with spring, and what better way to celebrate the improving weather than a spring look!!

I used the Make Up Forever Flash Color palette to paint the flowers and create the lovely blush color all over her skin. I buffed the pink color all over the upper half of her face and used a paler cream foundation as a base to give her an almost ethereal look. Then I painted out the dark pink petals, outlined them in black creams, and used white as a highlight. This entire look was created using only those three colors: pink, black, and white. It is absolutely amazing the depth that can be created by blending colors together for highlight and shadow.

I had a fantastic time working with Sam, and we are currently planning another shoot in the near future, so keep checking back! Coming next week I will be showcasing two recent looks that both focused on the color combination of black and yellow, thanks to Samantha Green Photography and M&M Photographie!

Jordan Jeffrey is a Canadian makeup artist who believes everything that can be conceived of can be created. She can be contacted at or

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