Saturday, 28 May 2011

Passion for Pinups

One area of makeup that I definitely want to get more into is doing Pin Up and Burlesque styles. I love the classic feel of the looks, and how fun they end up being! I recently had the chance to work with Sam Green again with a photoshoot that focuses on exactly that: Pin Up makeup!

We spent a full afternoon doing looks on three different models, while trying to keep true to how I feel about makeup: It should never stop being fun! I was lucky that this time I didn't even have to attempt to do the hair, as I had Talia Murchie with me styling all the hair for the shoot. We got to do a number of different looks, but we'll start with one of my favorites. You may recognize my model, as she previously modeled for my pink rose fantasy post.

Catlyn looked amazing in our glamour pinup shots, and here are some of my favorites! We really went for old school sexy, with the fedora, cigarette holder, and opera gloves. I love the way Catlyn can pose, and really work the look. And she's holding that pose in high heels!

We took the bandeau top off for a couple of the other shots, so be warned the looks get a little risque in the next two shots. But let's face it, classic pinup was all about sex appeal and beautiful women!

 For this makeup look I relied on my Rimmel foundations, my NARS Copacobana highlighter, and my NARS Pandora for the eyes. I also used my favorite red lipstick from MAC, Russian Red.
Keep coming back to see more looks from this photoshoot, which I will be posting throughout the month of June!

Jordan Jeffrey is a Canadian makeup artist who believes everything that can be conceived of can be created. She can be contacted at or

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Black and Yellow Beauty

I love the boldness and brightness of the color yellow! Everything about it just makes me think happy thoughts, and any time I get to use yellow in my makeup looks I do a little happy dance inside. Recently I've had the opportunity to do two dramatic looks using yellow and black. The first look came from from a shoot with Sam Green at, where my model was fellow makeup artist Talia Murchie.

I love how the yellow makes her eyes just pop! I used the Makeup Forever Flash Color Palette for the yellow and black, the NARS Copacobana highlighter on her cheekbones, and my favorite bronzer from Pur Minerals for a contour.


The second look was with Roger Hur from,  where I didn't use any yellow in the makeup, but the beautiful color was instead draped around my amazing model Kendra.


I used the same highlighter and bronzer on the cheekbones as the first look, and I used the Make Up Forever Flash Color palette on the lips, with the Rimmel lip gloss in black.

Don't believe me when I say yellow will bring out your happy dance? Try it for yourself! Next time you're feeling a little down, throw on something in yellow and enjoy the extra bounce in your step!

Jordan Jeffrey is a Canadian makeup artist who believes everything that can be conceived of can be created. She can be contacted at or

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Fantasy Flowers

Creating fantastic works of art on the human body is probably my favorite part of being a makeup artist. With the help of Sam Green of Samantha Green photography I had the opportunity to work on two beautiful fantasy looks, one of which I decided to focus on in this post.

For this particular theme, I focused mostly on my beautiful model's face and used one of my favorite colors: PINK! I chose roses for this look because I have always associated fresh flowers with spring, and what better way to celebrate the improving weather than a spring look!!

I used the Make Up Forever Flash Color palette to paint the flowers and create the lovely blush color all over her skin. I buffed the pink color all over the upper half of her face and used a paler cream foundation as a base to give her an almost ethereal look. Then I painted out the dark pink petals, outlined them in black creams, and used white as a highlight. This entire look was created using only those three colors: pink, black, and white. It is absolutely amazing the depth that can be created by blending colors together for highlight and shadow.

I had a fantastic time working with Sam, and we are currently planning another shoot in the near future, so keep checking back! Coming next week I will be showcasing two recent looks that both focused on the color combination of black and yellow, thanks to Samantha Green Photography and M&M Photographie!

Jordan Jeffrey is a Canadian makeup artist who believes everything that can be conceived of can be created. She can be contacted at or