Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Beauty Basics

Sometimes everything really does come down to basics. While I love creating really fantastic looks that push the envelope, making women (and sometimes men) feel beautiful is really what being a makeup artist is all about. Following this theme, I have decided to post some of my favorite beauty makeup looks that I have done in the recent past.

In this first image I took inspiration from one of my favorite accessories, my burgundy-pink leopard print scarf. I blended a complimentary lip color out of MAC Cyber, and MAC Russian Red. I completed the look with a dark smokey eye and false lashes. My model told me that this look made her feel like Jessica Rabbit!

My second look used NARS Mediterranee, which is one of my favorite eye shadow duos. The two colors really work together to create a look inspired by a soft sunset. To pull the look together, I used a peach toned blush and a peach toned lipstick. I find that by choosing a cohesive color scheme you instantly bring the look to the next level.

My third look was a prom shoot done with Hair Stylist Trish Stadnyk, using soft pinks and natural tones to bring out our model's natural youth and beauty. With younger women, less really is more for a beauty look so I only used a light foundation and my favorite highlighter Highbeam from Benefit to really make her glow.

More beauty looks to come in the coming months!

Jordan Jeffrey is a Canadian makeup artist who believes everything that can be conceived of can be created. She can be contacted at jordanj.moore@gmail.com or jojeffrey.blogspot.com

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